Deep Dives

Each deep dive will be accompanied by a detailed excel model every month. You can find the models on this page. Download the model to play around with the assumptions to build your own narrative. Make sure you understand the narrative well before you get your hands on the excel file. Anyone can make a DCF sing and it can potentially become a tool for confirming your biases. I have kept the model relatively simple so that people with even basic understanding of Excel can find it easy to navigate.

Link of the full Deep Dives (chronological order)

  1. Sep'20: UBER
  2. Oct'20: ETSY (Update: Here)
  3. Nov'20: LULU (Update: Here)
  4. Dec'20: ANGI
  5. Jan' 21: ANSS
  6. Feb'21: CPRT
  7. Mar'21: ADSK
  8. Apr'21: SHOP
  9. May'21: OTIS
  10. Jun'21: CRWD
  11. Jul'21: ROKU
  12. Aug'21: BA
  13. Sep'21: SQ
  14. Oct'21: TRUP
  15. Nov'21: RH
  16. Dec'21: SPOT
  17. Jan'22: PINS
  18. Feb'22: TWLO
  19. Mar'22: CSU
  20. Apr'22: ETH
  21. May'22: ADYEY
  22. Jun'22: PYPL
  23. Jul'22: DHR
  24. Aug'22: ADBE (Update: Here, and Here)
  25. Sep'22: NET
  26. Oct'22: ABNB
  27. Nov'22: DDOG
  28. Dec'22: SHW
  29. Jan'23: HLT
  30. Feb'23: FAST
  31. Mar'23: META (Update: Here)
  32. Mar'23: GOOG
  33. Mar'23: AMZN (Update: Here, and Here, 2024)
  34. Apr'23: MSFT
  35. May'23: TYL
  36. Jun'23: BRO
  37. Jul'23: CSX
  38. Aug'23: DG
  39. Sep'23: TSLA
  40. Oct'23: ENPH
  41. Nov'23: FLT/CPAY
  42. Dec'23: FND
  43. Jan'24: CSGP
  44. Feb'24: APPF
  45. Mar'24: Semiconductor Primer
  46. Apr'24: TXN
  47. May'24: TSM
  48. Jun'24: IQV
  49. Jul'24: DIM

If you want to share with a colleague/friend to encourage them to subscribe to my future deep dives, please feel free to do so. Sharing snippets of the deep dive on social media is also totally fine.

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