Please note that these are NOT my recommendation to buy/sell these securities. The disclosure serves three purposes:

a) MBI Deep Dives is essentially my paywalled investing journal. I try to keep track of how my portfolio has evolved over time and as paying subscribers, you can also observe this evolution as well;

b) you can quickly see what I personally own in my portfolio so that you can assess my potential biases, and

c) if you are reading an old post on the website about a company I used to own but don't own right now, you can now figure out which post to go to in order to understand my rationale for changing my mind. Let me give a couple of examples to help you understand this. You can see below that I used to own Google/Alphabet but the stock stopped appearing on my portfolio in December, 2023. To understand why, you can go to my December, 2023 Deep Dive (you can easily navigate the monthly Deep Dives posts here) and read the last section in which I typically discuss and provide further context for why I changed certain portfolio allocations. Similarly, although I did a Deep Dive on Adyen in May 2022, you will notice the stock only started appearing on my portfolio in August, 2023. You can, hence, go to my Deep Dive published in August'23 to see my rationale to start buying Adyen.

Although I have been investing in the US since August 2018, I launched MBI Deep Dives in September 2020, and I only started disclosing my portfolio since December 2020. You can see my portfolio on a monthly basis since January 2021. The portfolio will be updated on the last day of every month.

Color Code: Green = >10% position, Blue = >5% but <10% position, Orange = >0% but <5% position, Light Pink= 0% or empty, Red = <0%.

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