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Welcome to MBI Deep Dives.

I publish one in-depth research on a publicly listed company every month. Subscribers can not only access the full library of content but also download detailed financial models, all of which can be found here. From August 2022, you can also listen to the audio version of the Deep Dives.

Free subscribers receive earnings recap for the companies I personally own. Please email for any queries, or just drop a message on twitter.

Anyone can access these sample deep dives to understand what a typical Deep Dive looks like: Adobe, and Roku, Sherwin Williams, and Meta.

I disclose my portfolio holdings every month. Please note that these are NOT my recommendation to buy/sell these securities, but just disclosure from my end so that you can assess potential biases that I may have because of my own personal portfolio holdings. Always consider my write-up as my personal investing journal and never forget my objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints may have no resemblance to yours. MBI Deep Dives is NOT a stock picking service, rather an investment research service.

You may also consider reading MBI’s research process, approach to valuation, and annual letter to subscribers.

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You can find all the the deep dives as well as excel models for each here.

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