November Update

Some quick updates for this month:

  1. I will publish a Deep Dive on FleetCor (Ticker: FLT) by November 22nd. In December, my final Deep Dive in 2023 will be on Floor & Decor (Ticker: FND).
  2. Now that all the key digital advertisers reported their earnings this quarter, here are some key takeaways from 3Q'23 digital ads market:

    a) Alphabet's share in digital ads was lowest since 4Q'20

    b) Meta's share troughed in 3Q'22; it kept gaining share since then and exceeded 30% market share in digital ads again.

    c) While Alphabet and Meta's duopoly continues, Amazon keeps taking share.
  1. I have also just updated the below chart following Shopify’s earnings today. I usually track this data and mention it on Amazon’s earnings update. But since Shopify reported later than Amazon this time, I am just posting it now:
  1. If you are a new reader/subscriber, I would like to highlight that you can access all the past 40 Deep Dives here.
  2. Finally, a personal update. I am moving from Ithaca, New York to Sacramento, California by the end of this month as my wife is planning to start a new job. My wife and I plan on driving for about a week to move our lives one coast to another. While I tend to be weather agnostic person, my wife does crave the sunshine. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets sick of sunshine by this time next year! I am happy to meet any reader if you live around the area.

    Thank you so much for your support.

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