December, 2023 Update

While it's been a couple of days since the sad news of Charlie Munger passing away, there is certainly a sense of void percolating around. What has consistently amazed me about both Buffett and Munger is not their almost unbelievable track record in investing, but their ability to do much of it in front of the public eye for nearly six decades! Investors with better track record may eventually come along, but I am not sure there will ever be investors who would be able to do so for similar duration and let anyone leverage their investing prowess by owning a publicly traded stock.

Of course, investing track record is hardly the only reason to admire Charlie Munger. I shared my biggest takeaway from Munger's life a couple of days ago:

"Munger met Buffett at the age of 35. How many people actually meet their best friends after 30s?

Munger met Li Lu when he was nearly 80 years old. How many people actually form deep intellectual partnerships at such an age?

If there's anything I want to learn from his life, it is to live life with intense curiosity and be open to the idea that the best years may be ahead of me. Such belief, even if it proves to be wrong, is deeply optimistic and may lead to more fun and interesting life."

Rest In Peace, Charlie Munger.

Some quick updates for this month:

I am currently working on Floor & Decor (Ticker: FND). I hope to publish my Deep Dive before Christmas, but as my family just moved from New York to California, we are still going through all the challenges that come with moving from one coast to another. I would still expect to publish the Deep Dive before Christmas.

I will cover Dollar General's earnings this week. I will also do my annual poll among the subscribers, so you will likely receive a short survey link in a couple of weeks.

If you are a new reader/subscriber, I would like to highlight that you can access all the past 41 Deep Dives here.

Thank you for your support!

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